@pzed 10:57 PM
If we do have to do it manually, 500 is probably about the feasible limit to go and run through and copy/paste urls
@kate 00:12 AM
I think we should do a combo
@kate 00:13 AM
and want to check the lists from Europe - if they’re going to the Chinese sites too, I might want to keep them
@pzed 04:01 AM
Fair enough, but any textual analysis will be a bit wonky on the chinese language sites @kate

Also, we'd have to encode whatever the chinese word for privacy is in unicode, and then convert to URI percentage text, then add to the url.
@pzed 04:01 AM
Which is a pain in the butt.
@pzed 08:31 AM
@kate sample output of ngram_frequencies.py (it's pointed at yandex.ru.txt):

@pzed 08:56 AM
@pzed 08:57 AM
Chrome proxy extension: proxy switchyomega
@pzed 08:58 AM
If you want to manually look at timings (or check out and see if they have an API, which maybe)... https://tools.pingdom.com/
Gel Blackheath 7 AW18 Blue Shoes Hockey Asics Women's @tim.demorest 05:47 AM
joined #cafe
@pzed 05:50 AM
Welcome aboard @tim.demorestotheus.
@pzed 02:45 AM
@kate very rough outline of article up, please check to see if the main bullet points in intro are close to what you're interested in. https://www.principallyuncertain.com/gdpr
@pzed 02:45 AM
You will need to be logged in to see that, as it's a draft.
@pzed 02:45 AM
@kate 00:13 AM
@kate 00:15 AM
@pzed 00:16 AM
Exhibit 194,349,503 that the news media is not a healthy industry. They're terrified that without ads, they'll go bankrupt.
@pzed 00:17 AM
I mean, they might be right.
Women's Blue 7 Hockey Gel Asics Blackheath AW18 Shoes @pzed Hockey 7 AW18 Blackheath Gel Women's Blue Asics Shoes 06:55 AM

Article with a pretty simple statistical test using correlation coefficient - https://www.principallyuncertain.com/trump-rage-tweets/

article using Mann-Whitney U test (it's described in detail in the methodology section) -
@pzed 06:17 PM
@kate decided to just go with the first title since I couldn't think of anything better and it fits the thrust of the piece (which is the JS elements are crazy).
@pzed 06:40 PM
@kate done with the edits. It's ready to roll. Going to hit publish;
BOT 06:46 PM
: #GDPR highlights just how much javascript webpages devote to tracking you (yes, you).

The first installment of a new project by @katealamode

Strap Havaianas Freedom Crocus Sandals Rose Women’s Ankle Maxi wOTOxWUq8

#GDPRcompliance #privacy #InternetMarketing #tracking #DataScience #tech
@pzed 07:17 PM
For a point of comparison that I should've looked at earlier @kate, the P? homepage: the `` takes up 154 of 3120 lines of code.
@kate 07:37 PM
Might be useful (posted in Data for Democracy Slack):
>Hi all. For those of you working on US Data this might be of help. I have updated the FIPs to Zip data to include cities now. So, if you need to go between ZIP -> City & State, City -> FIPs, or FIPS -> ZIPs you can!
AW18 Women's Gel 7 Blackheath Asics Blue Hockey Shoes @pzed 09:09 PM
Gel Blackheath Women's Shoes 7 AW18 Blue Hockey Asics Ah, that's for .pdfs. Useful, since it skips the step of having to convert pdf -> txt which can be a bit wonky.
@pzed 09:03 AM
@kate Boom. Here are the correlations between violent crime and a number of demographic factors. (n=3422 police precincts reporting in 2014, demos expressed as % of population in the 2011-2016 American Community Survey).

income -0.476037749
college_grads -0.24970393
non-native -0.022398102
non-citizen 0.053461023
non-English -0.131226416
law_enforcement 0.083801087

Guess what? Immigrants, non-English speakers, more police? Don't matter a bit. Like, not at all. It's income and only income, plus a light connection to education level.

Violent crime is defined by the FBI as "those offenses that involve force or threat of force" and broken down into "murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault."
Women's Total Patent Rockport Leather Pump Warm Motion Taupe dvwUxwF
BOT 07:32 PM
: Immigration and violent crime seem to have no correlation. At all.

It’s almost as if the behavior of non-citizen immigrants was indistinguishable from the rest of the population.


#nobannowall #immigration #crime #trump #DACA #IllegalImmigrants
BOT 11:45 PM
: It's our last EPL by the numbers of the 2017-18 season!

Wrapping up on the season just past and looking forward to the madness ahead (T-minus 2 days!)

BOT 02:00 AM
: Another fun bingo take on the Trump Administration. If you're interested in the loooooonnnggggg game, then check out @LaniGlobal's cards. https://t.co/J7m4Q12hEg
: 1/ Thread. Full deck of POTUS BINGO cards. Collect them all. Share with friends, print or RT. #PotusBingo is a free… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/969585756615278592
BOT 08:24 PM
Asics Gel Women's Hockey Blackheath Shoes AW18 Blue 7
: In a bonkers first round of games at #WorldCupRussia2018, even the best models are getting just over 50% of the results right.

How is ours doing? -> https://t.co/1gE7Ls6nNt

#FifaWorldCup2018 #Russia2018 #soccer #Prediction #Predictivemodeling
BOT 09:12 PM
: Yes, do cry for Willy Caballero.

#argvcro #WorldCup2018 #goaltendinggaffe
BOT 09:39 PM
: #Croatia is a really interesting team. World-class set of attacking midfielders....and not a lot else.

Working so far.

#WorldCup2018 #Modric #Rakitic #ArgvCRO
BOT 09:41 PM
: #Argentina really really really miss 2014 Ángel Di María to play the shuttler role and connect defense and attack.

#Messi is (mis)-played in that spot at the base of the midfield right now, and he looks really uncomfortable.

#ArgentinaCroatia #WorldCup2018
BOT 09:45 PM
: #argentina is in danger of hacking their way out of this World Cup if they don't get their frustration under control.

Yes, they can still advance with a win v. Nigeria, but those chances go way down if half the team gets suspended for that match.
BOT 09:50 PM
: Or if they kill themselves via goal differential, which they're in the process of doing.
@pzed Asics Shoes 7 AW18 Hockey Women's Blue Gel Blackheath 09:59 PM
World Cup Model Update: still looking pretty good

>>>Model | Points | Pts/possible | correct results | correct/possible
P? | 15.33333333 | 0.667 | 14 | 0.609
538 | 15.33333333 | 0.667 | 14 | 0.609
Vegas | 15.33333333 | 0.667 | 14 | 0.609
FIFA | 12 | 0.522 | 9 | 0.391
BOT 10:36 PM
: Do you think that realizes that Leo Messi and Arturo Vidal are not the same player?

Because he's trying to play Messi as if he were Vidal.

@rsharp 07:37 PM
@rsharp 07:37 PM
Just saw VW commercial with since good trolling
@rsharp 07:38 PM
Hey America, might as well cheer for us
@rsharp 07:38 PM
@pzed 08:15 PM
They get old pretty quick. They're like on loop @rsharp
BOT 03:03 AM
: Most #WorldCup2018 match predictions models produce way too few predictions of ties, including ours.

Thinking we should all adjust that a bit...


@FiveThirtyEight @OddsPortal #soccer #football #FifaWorldCup2018
@outer.space.analysis 04:39 AM
joined #cafe
@pzed 04:39 AM
Greetings @Chris
@outer.space.analysis 04:41 AM
Thanks for the add pat
@pzed 04:52 AM
A course
BOT 01:18 AM
: #WorldCup2018 knockout round predictions:

"Wherein math produces finely-tuned results and then throws up its hands at the random nature of single-elimination knockout tournaments."


7 Blackheath Blue Asics Gel Shoes Women's AW18 Hockey
BOT 05:57 PM
: #argentina was a talented disorganized mental train wreck all tournament. Otamendi and Mercado deciding to spend a minute of injury time trying to get red carded rather than, you know, TIE THE GAME, was a fitting way to end things.

#argentinavfrance #WorldCup2018
BOT 09:34 PM
: gets the coach's tactical adjustment of the #WorldCup18 so far: Down 2, passing through Japan's middle isn't working, throw on Fellaini and start pinging in high crosses.

Well done.

#BELJPN #tactics
BOT 09:55 PM
: Belgium's 2nd half against Japan was why our model slightly favors them over Brazil in the Quarters.

Wow. Erase a 2-0 deficit and get the winner in the 93rd minute. Better yet, with a very smart tactical substitution by Martínez.

#WorldCup18 #BELJPN
BOT 07:48 PM
: So, our model got 3 of the 4 #WorldCup2018 semifinalists right (8 of the 12 games overall)!

Guess which one we missed. Go ahead, we'll wait.

#RussiaWorldCup2018 #FranceBelgique #EnglandvCroatia

050 Tirmar Silver Shoes REPLAY Silber Silver Women’s xTqFdOYH
BOT 10:22 PM
: Here's a question:

Do you think France/Germany/etc trusts the PRC more or the USA. As of today?

Kinda don't think it's us.

#TrumpVisitUK #trumpdoctrine #PoliticsToday
BOT 01:57 AM
: A bonkers World Cup is over, & the team we rated the highest before the tourney won it: France. How did our model do overall? Okay! But we can do better.


#WorldCupFinal #France #FranceCroatie #Russia2018WorldCup
BOT 06:30 PM
: The number of #wildfires is (surprise!) correlated with #ClimateChange.

The last 2 years have seen a steep increase in wildfires, clearly correlated with a rise in Sea Surface Temperature.

Sandal Heeled Jewel Silver Badgley Luke Women’s Mischka wXXTBq1

#ClimateAction #ClimateChangeIsReal #ParisAgreement #environment
BOT 10:58 PM
: Payroll efficiency: What baseball teams do the most with the least?

We mean, other than just the #oaklandathletics


Blackheath Shoes Hockey AW18 Women's Gel Blue Asics 7
#moneyball #MLB
BOT 06:08 PM
: Does #Trump have favorite subjects that he likes to consistently tweet about, or do his topics fluctuate as he reacts to changing politics?

Yes. And yes.


#trumpwatch #TrumpRussia #Politics
Total Salima Patent Black Pump Rockport Dress Women's Motion S6qwxtnFH
BOT Shoes Asics Blackheath Hockey AW18 Gel Women's 7 Blue 07:17 PM
: Will George R.R. Martin ever finish A Song of Ice and Fire?

Given three scenarios about his writing pace and some handy actuarial tables, we build models.

Hint: you're not crazy to worry.


#GameOfThrones #windsofwinter #Winteriscoming
BOT 07:24 PM
: News flash: the House of Representatives is not great at passing laws.

Who has been most effective at getting bills through the House, and then enacted as laws, over the last three Congresses (~5.5 years)?


#congress #datascience #Midterms2018
BOT 09:51 PM
: Epic.
BOT 07:23 PM
: Social Network Analysis of the House shows that there are a few communities within Congress....but some notable absences.

The Freedom Caucus might vote as a bloc, but they write bills with establishment Republicans.

#Congress #socialnetwork #datavis

@outer.space.analysis 05:46 PM
This is interesting and useful
@pzed 06:32 PM
Thanks @outer.space.analysis. Got a fair amount of data so going to turn this into a series.
@pzed 06:33 PM
One project will be a change-over-time for this chart - see how they've evolved.
@pzed 06:33 PM
Another is (obviously) the Senate.
@outer.space.analysis 06:49 PM
Dude id love to help with this
@pzed 07:01 PM
@outer.space.analysis awesome. What part interests you most?
@pzed 07:01 PM
The data was originally pulled from ProPublica's Congress API.
@pzed 07:01 PM
And the viz is done with Gephi (a free network mapping program).
@pzed 07:01 PM
Though honestly I'd rather get a python program to work (with NetworkX), but it's being difficult.
@pzed 07:02 PM
Analysis about who the groups are and what the hell they mean would, of course, also help a lot.
@pzed 07:02 PM
Like, there's this weird group with 3 CA dems, 1 IL dem, and Kevin f'in McCarthy.
@pzed 07:02 PM
No. I. Dea.
@outer.space.analysis 07:04 PM
Asics Hockey Gel Shoes Blue 7 AW18 Blackheath Women's I can help with that
@outer.space.analysis 07:04 PM
Probably could go to direct sources on hill
@outer.space.analysis 07:05 PM
Get that insider info
@outer.space.analysis 07:05 PM
@outer.space.analysis 07:05 PM
If need be
@outer.space.analysis 07:06 PM
But yea i can make sense of the relationships
@pzed 07:06 PM
Actually, if you have that access, then yes absolutely go for it.
@pzed 07:06 PM
Want to see the raw data?
@pzed 07:06 PM
Or is what's published in that article enough for you?
@pzed 07:07 PM
I guess the real question is: if voting behavior and bill-writing behavior are different - why? And they seem to be for some groups (Freedom Caucus) but not others (Tuesday Group).
@pzed 07:08 PM
Are these specific strategies that reps engage in (I care more about X, and I'm going to try to approach that through sponsoring legislation vs. I care more about Y and the best way to get that is to leverage a voting bloc)? @outer.space.analysis
@outer.space.analysis 07:17 PM
I have some possible explanatory thoughts on those questions
@outer.space.analysis 07:18 PM
Its a bit more complicated
@outer.space.analysis 07:18 PM
Id love to see dems
@pzed 07:18 PM
Good. if it were simple, it'd be boring.
@outer.space.analysis 07:18 PM
Yea lol
@outer.space.analysis 07:18 PM
Yea id like to see the raw data
AW18 Gel Blackheath Asics Women's Hockey Shoes 7 Blue @pzed 07:22 PM
List of reps
@pzed 07:22 PM
By member, all bills cosponsored (so there are a lot of duplicate bills if they're sponsored by more than one rep).
@pzed 07:23 PM
List of relationships, with number of bills cosponsored together (weight is the same thing, just divided by 1000 to get the number between 0.000 and 1.000)
Running Flip Flops Comfortable Beige Sneakers Trainers for Mesh Sports Thongs Men Style Shoes Walking VEMOW Flats Breathable Fashion Wedge Outdoor Casual Espadrilles New Shoes Hqw87Kf0
@pzed 07:23 PM
@outer.space.analysis there ya go.
@outer.space.analysis 08:03 PM
Nice. Thanks!
BOT Blackheath Hockey AW18 Women's Shoes Gel 7 Blue Asics 10:07 PM
: Neither house of Congress is particularly adept at lawmaking, apparently.

Depending on your opinion of the Senate, that might be a good thing.


#senate #congress #propublica #legislature #lawmaking
BOT 06:45 PM
: Remember the last time Democrats were feeling this giddy? We do: Late Summer 2016. Beware irrational exuberance.

Overcoming Overconfidence: Polls don't win elections, voters do. -> Unze Unze “LARS “LARS Men's Unze Men's Men's Unze “LARS “LARS Unze Men's 4a4ArUq

#Midterms2018 #polls #BlueWave #Resistance
BOT 08:25 PM
: Only 2 perfect records left!

It's EPL, By the Numbers, Match Week 5 -> https://tinyurl.com/yc7qkgqx

#liverpoolfc #chelseafc #epl #premiership #soccer #football

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